Hi! :) I'm back and now Clean Sweep is on a new site I will be posting new pages here :)

Hey guys! :) I've been working on some animations of my Clean Sweep characters :) You can check them out in the animation section of my blog. Enjoy!

I know it's been a couple weeks since my last update :S I'm really sorry about that...most likely what will happen is that I'll probably start posting again towards the end of the year or so. Thank you again for all of the new Clean Sweepers who are coming from DeviantArt to read the comic! I really appreciate it :)

I will be taking a temporary break off of the comic due to my schedule and other things that have come up. Enjoy today's cover! :)

NEWS: September 1, 2011
Aaaaaand that concludes Chapter 1 of Clean Sweep! :D Thank you again to everyone who is following my web comic.  I really appreciate all of your support :)  Updates for Chapter 2 will come maybe in two weeks or so, depending on my schedule (sorry :( I've just been really busy) Enjoy today's page! :)

NEWS: August 25, 2011
Starting next week I will be posting up one page per week since my schedule is going to get busier. I'm thinking just Thursdays if that is ok :) Enjoy today's page! :D

NEWS: August 18, 2011
I'm sorry if the story isn't making sense so far, but it will make sense in the long run ;) (hooray for long stories!)

NEWS: August 11, 2011
Don't worry, Nolan is ok :D (I wouldn't get rid of the main character that fast)

NEWS: August 4, 2011
New Rick sketch in "Clean Sweep Sketches" :) Don't worry, chapter 1 will be finishing up soon.

NEWS: July 28, 2011
Updated tabs to include "Clean Sweep Sketches." I will be posting up sketches of different Clean Sweep characters for fun.  Enjoy!

NEWS: July 26, 2011
Now the "About" section has a brief synopsis of Clean Sweep :D 

NEWS: July 21, 2011
I know today's page might be a little bit confusing with how it's worded (mainly for Hikari), but it'll all make sense later ;) don't worry :)

NEWS: July 14, 2011
I'm thinking that my updating schedule will be Tuesdays and Thrusdays :)

NEWS: July 12, 2011
Third new page up :D

NEWS: July 8, 2011
Second page for Clean Sweep is finally up :) That was fun to work on :D

NEWS: July 6, 2011
First posting for Clean Sweep :) Hope y'all enjoy it!