Clean Sweep Sketches

NOVEMBER 10, 2011
Here's a drawing of Allan for y'all :) I love drawing his hair. Enjoy!

NOVEMBER 9, 2011
Here are some rough sketches of the cast of Clean Sweep! (hooray!) Besides Nolan, I really like drawing Rick :) Enjoy!

NOVEMBER 1, 2011
Hi everyone! :) The top two drawings are of a new Clean Sweep character named Caroline that I'm thinking of adding to the Clean Sweep cast :). Enjoy! 

OCTOBER 29, 2011 
Hi everybody! :) The top drawing is a younger version of Nolan to test out a new brush in Photoshop to do my inking since the lines come out a lot sharper. The other two are of Rick trying to escape a plasma substance (I drew the drawings in my sketchbook really late at night, which is when I get a lot of "artsy" inspiration.) Enjoy!

OCTOBER 25, 2011
Hi everyone :) Here are some sketches of Rick :) Hope you like them! 

OCTOBER 21, 2011
Hi everybody! :) Yes I'm still alive. Sorry I haven't been posting up a lot recently....I'm really busy right now :( Anyways here are some sketches of Nolan I did for fun. The top one is in an updated version of my comic style, while the bottom one is of my newer sketching style (for animation development). Enjoy!

AUGUST 13, 2011: Some more traditionally drawn / inked sketches of Clean Sweep characters :) I decided to try simplifying Janice's hair into one basic shape (almost like "Disney-princess" hair) It sure is fun to ink traditionally, even though it's a lot of work (it is totally worth it :) ) Enjoy!

AUGUST 3, 2011: Sketch of Rick :) He's going to show up very soon in chapter 1 :) Enjoy!

JULY 30, 2011:  Here are some sketches from my sketchbook of Clean Sweep characters :) It has an earlier looking version of Janice and Rick (who will be showing up very soon :) He is one of the other janitors who works at RILE.) Enjoy! :)

JULY 28, 2011 : I decided to draw Nolan and Janice traditionally for fun :) Janice will be coming in Chapter 2 of Clean Sweep.  She is Nolan's co-worker, best friend, and love interest. Enjoy!