A 28 year old red-head janitor who works at RILE, who enjoys cleaning while pretending to be a secret agent.  He uses his cleaning supplies as “gadgets” to fend off enemy agents, that is, mildew and dirty sinks.  His imagination however, slowly begins to feel more and more real...

Nolan’s best friend and next door apartment neighbor who works at RILE as an accountant.  She is a little quirky and loves otters, and hangs out with Nolan almost everyday.  When Nolan begins acting strange with his “secret agent” persona while cleaning at work, she tolerates his behavior, but remains suspicious about Nolan’s sanity.

Nolan’s odd co-worker at RILE who doesn’t say much, but has his moments.  He tends to keep to himself, and likes to get work done.

Mysterious young man who begins working at RILE as a secretary (yes a male secretary).  He is a handsome and old fashioned gentleman who catches the eye of Janice.  However, Nolan becomes suspicious of him getting closer to Janice.  But, he’s a good cook…

Here is the first cast picture :) As you can see I added in Averill and Caroline